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Are you planning Christmas shopping in Tallinn? Pick up the best restaurant tips for your shopping spree

Restaurant NOA

The story behind NOA was to show that if you have good location, food and service it doesn´t matter how far you are from the city centre. 

Head Chef Orm Oja and Executive Chef Tõnis Siigur are in charge of NOA kitchen. – We get inspiration for our dishes from the travels around the world. We don’t want to limit us to any border, our menu is international. We hope that everyone, be it vegetarian, meat lover or fish enthusiast, will find something they will truly enjoy from the menu, Oja says.

About a year ago sommelier Sander Kink joined our team as head sommelier. He has created the wine card in our restaurant as well in our sister restaurants as well. He likes to keep his wine card sophisticated – natural wines, small vinerys, keeping in touch with the producers.

We recommend to try our fresh seafood from our aquarium, our legendary chicken schnitzel “elephants ear” and for desert the banana baked in the Josper oven.

Check out NOA´s restaurant page here.

Restaurant Tuljak

The legendary Tuljak restaurant originates from the 1964-1965s and re-opened the doors in the summer of 2015. It is located in a renovated building which is under the protection of cultural heritage. The interior is still very close to the original one. Spacious renovated rooms of the restaurant open up to cozy terraces which are surrounded by the green area around the building and spotted with barbecue places. 

Tuljak is a reborn legend. Itʹs where history meets contemporary design. This is where we let our passions run free. Thorough and thorough sophisticated. With copper accents like Tuljakʹs fiery sunsets. Painted black. Like our velvety nights. Beautiful food. Like only we know.

Tuljak kitchen with its large capacity offers both new and long-forgotten flavours which will stir up a nice nostalgic feeling. We recommend to try the octopus risotto. Weʹve heard that itʹs the best in Estonia. 

Check out Tuljak´s restaurant page here

Restaurant Paju Villa

The story behind Paju Villa started from 1929. The architecture of the house is mix of art nouveau and in the spring of 2017 the house was completely renovated and OKO Restoranid group (OKO, NOA, Tuljak ) opened their fifth successful restaurant with a name Paju Villa.

We recommend to try any of our dishes because we have put in the hours totally restructure our menu.

Check out Paju Villas´s restaurant page here

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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