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Modern Estonian

The heart of the house is the kitchen with a large capacity, offering both new and with new touch "old" flavours and nostalgia.

The legendary Tuljak restaurant originates from the 1964-1965s and re-opened the doors in the summer of 2015. It is located in a renovated building which is under the protection of cultural heritage. The interior is still very close to the original one. Spacious renovated rooms of the restaurant open up to cozy terraces which are surrounded by the green area around the building and spotted with barbecue places. 

Tuljak is a reborn legend. Itʹs where history meets contemporary design. This is where we let our passions run free. Thorough and thorough sophisticated. With copper accents like Tuljakʹs fiery sunsets. Painted black. Like our velvety nights. Beautiful food. Like only we know.

A true classic

Tuljak kitchen with its large capacity offers both new and long-forgotten flavours which will stir up a nice nostalgic feeling. We recommend to try the octopus risotto. Weʹve heard that itʹs the best in Estonia. Customers often ask us how we prepare it as theyʹve never had octopus so soft before.

About a year ago sommelier Sander Kink joined our team as head sommelier. He has created the wine card in our restaurant as well in our sister restaurants as well. For his style, he likes to keep his wine card sophisticated - natural wines, small vinerys, keeping in touch with the producers, soft, elegant and a bit freaky is how he likes it to be.

We also have a head bartender who just joined our team, Mihkel Kahn who is working on some fun things at the moment, for example clear, starwberry flavoured ice.

We also have a really funny waiter Rauno who always has a good story to tell. He is loved by all of our guests because of his great sense of humour. 

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 12.00 - 23.00
Fr-Sat 12.00 - 00.00
Sun 12.00 - 22.00 


Ranna tee 3, Tallinn 12112


Lauri Alvari Vahemaa

Lauri Alvari Vahemaa is in charge of our kitchen. Tuljakʹs kitchen is modern retro Estonian cuisine. Lauri is very enthusiastic about plating and his dishes are always very gorgeous, like plated art. His motto is to create the most delicious and beutiful looking dishes he can.

Which two ingredients would you take with to a deserted island and why?

Oat and buckwheat grains so I could grow my own crops.

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Liity Toptaste Klubiin!


Ranna tee 3, Tallinn 12112