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Tutustu kokkiin Paul Svensson and Chrisftofer Ekman

Paul Svensson and Chrisftofer Ekman are our creative leaders behind all the food. They are a dynamic team that has always had a fondness for vegetables. Both Paul and Christofer have an impressive history when it comes to restaurants, and a passion for every day environmental issues. Paul Svensson is one of Sweden’s most celebrated chefs, closely involved in our activities as a source of culinary inspiration and a concept developer.

Our chefs´ food philosophy is about putting the vegetables in focus, but also to choose the vegetables with care. Our food is reflected in what season it is and the products we use are locally produced and organic. All of this connected to sustainability.

The drinks we offer may well be locally produced and organic, especially our beer and alcohol -free options.

When it comes to wine and spirits, we are always looking for the perfect drinks from all over the world. An important factor regarding the producers, is that they must have the same thinking towards sustainability as we do, and that they treat nature in a gentle way. 

Our kitchen is not particularly inspired by any country or kitchen. Instead, we gain inspiration from nature and the vegetables we receive. The philosophy is based on the use of what nature provides and creating fantastic food out of that giving.

House specialty:  Folksy and understandable beverages

Our sommeliers Oskar Lundberg and Christian Gräsbäck-Bystedth both share the philosophy that a beverage should be folksy and understandable. Oskar has worked as a Sommelier at restaurants Trattorian and Oaxen Slip. Christian has previously worked at various restaurants in the Stockholm area including Restaurant Göteborg and Himlen därtill and the two have always loved good drinks but above all, the personal touch with our guests.

They also think that it’s important to share their knowledge to both the staff and guests in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Their focus has always been on finding sustainably produced beverages that fit together with the green focus of our kitchen.

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