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Tutustu kokkiin Chris Drake

Chris Drake is in charge
of the kitchen at Southpark. The philosophy in our kitchen really is quite
simple. So-Cal food and the So-Cal vibe is pretty straightforward and simple,
clean even. We try to maintain that in the kitchen as well as the restaurant in
a bigger sense. Calm, clean, not over complicated are generally three words
that describe Chris as a chef: and they are three words that coincide with the
So-Cal mentality that we try to emulate here at The Park.


As for Chris as a chef, he
is generally pretty calm, usually well mannered 😀 but has a great albeit an
over developed sense of humor which lends to a fun working environment. Stern
when he needs to be, supportive of the team both in and out of the kitchen. Our
kitchen and restaurant represent the cuisine and vibe of Southern Cali. As a chef
Chris tries to keep to that theme while using what local products we can when
we can, whilst maybe dropping in a bit of his Michigan roots 🙂


What is your chef’s

6p’s (Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performace).
Simply put, plan your EVERYTHING thoroughly, do your ’meez’ whatever it may be
and crack onward and upwards.  A clean mind presents as clean work,
clean station, etc.


Are there any other
interesting persons in your restaurant?

We have a security guy who looks like an ex-con. Loads of
tattoos, he’s probably 50 years old and looks really mean. 😀 Tho when you talk
to him he’s kind like a teddybear. Never judge a book by its cover, huh?

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