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SÖDER creates a taste palette from Starters & Desserts

Restaurant founder, Lotten Lindborg-Suhonen, often found herself ordering several appetisers while eating out, skipping the main course completely. She also found that she was not alone in doing this. A main course is often too filling and flavours can be a bit one dimensional. Lotten had more fun ordering three different starters to taste the different flavours. This discovery was the inspiration for SÖDER.

Restaurant founder Lotten Lindborg-Suhonen

SÖDER Chef Oliver Lauronen’s culinary philosophy is based on tasty variations of Scandinavian cuisine. 

– We use a lot of local ingredients and emphasise their amazing flavours. So at SÖDER you can tuck into Finnish tastes with a modern twist.

SÖDER tartar

The main components of the SÖDER menu change at least four times a year. 

– From June 17th we’ll bring out summer flavours with Finnish new potatoes, carrots, and radish in various forms, and of course, well-sourced meat and fish. 

A ticket to a Finnish movie

Attentive service and great food comes first, but the interior design, lighting and music are also well thought out at SÖDER. On the right as you enter, there´s a fresh market hall feeling with white tiles, and on the left a more bohemian atmosphere with a bold green wallpaper. It’s almost like watching a Finnish retro movie. 

– We wanted to create a milieu like a movie, so our guests always want to see what happens next!


Lotten describes the drinks list as a carefully chosen selection of basics and natural wines. 

– Our speciality is Södra beer, produced by a Swedish micro brewery. You will not find it anywhere else in Finland.

Söder: Uudenmaankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki | www.restaurantsoder.fi

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