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HOKU’s Asian cuisine is natural fusion

– The Hawaiian islands are a mix of several cultures, as over the decades people from all around the world have found their way there. Different cultures have molded Hawaiian cuisine into a natural fusion culture. This means that dishes or combinations are not thought out or carefully planned. In Hawaii, different ingredients and influences are naturally combined, and the result is perfect harmony, says Ryan. 

Quality made the HOKU way

On HOKU’s menu, visitors can find dishes that show influences from Japanese, Korean, and Filipino cuisine, among others. 

– We always prepare our dishes with an emphasis on the quality of the fresh ingredients, valuing the original culture. Even Western influences can be discerned with a twist of its own, in the way that we use a lot of salmon as well as Finnish whitefish and pike-perch. Salmon teriyaki is our most popular dish. It represents one of the fundamental pillars in our kitchen philosophy: you either do things well or not at all. Salmon Teriyaki is a good example of a simple dish that everybody in principle is able to prepare. We prepare it in the HOKU way, which leaves customers with such a powerful memory that they want to return. 

Photo: Susa Laine

Hoku: Korkeavuorenkatu 4, 00150 Helsinki | Kamppi Shopping center 5th Floor 00100 Helsinki

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