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Bistros by the sea

The Helsinki summer is off to a beautiful, warm start. For seasoned professionals of the restaurant scene, summer is, most of all, a state of mind.

– Helsinki summer is all about the sea, says Timmy Blom, Chef of Theron Group.

Timmy Blom

Founded by Timmy’s father, Tero Blom, Theron Catering works as a full-service caterer for groups and events. During the summer, it’s time for Theron’s famous summer bistros to wake up. All of them are located either right on the coastline or in the Helsinki archipelago.

The five Theron Bistros – with one space reserved for private events – are different yet the same.

– For example, our Bistro Badenbaden is in the actual city and, thus, has a more urban twist to it. The menu focuses on burgers and the beat is slightly more modern. The island menus rely more on classical, Finnish dishes as well as enjoying the surrounding views, says Timmy Blom.

– No matter the location, we always try to have fun. This is how everyone can enjoy their day. The patrons and the staff.

For the people of Theron, the sea is not just the glistening waterfront, a chill ambience and fish delicacies on the menu. Working and thriving by the sea requires taking care of The Big Blue too. This is why Theron regularly supports the environmental work for the Baltic Sea.

– The sea is the livelihood of our restaurants but also the planet. Getting so much from the sea, it’s our duty to take care of it. 

Theron summer bistros:

Bistro Badenbaden, Hietaniemi

Time to hit the beach! Badenbaden is located on the mainland within a walking distance from downtown. The bistro’s large terrace offers refreshing drinks, good food and a panoramic view to the sandy beach and its visitors.

Restaurant Pihlajasaari, Pihlajasaari

Ask a Helsinkian and they will name Pihlajasaari as one of the most essential islands around. The charming Restaurant Pihlajasaari lives up to the island’s reputation with a terrace overlooking the sea. Make sure to try the traditional Finnish salmon soup!

Upseerikerho, Isosaari

At ease, soldier! Ready to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Well grab a ferry to the furthest one of the islands in front of Helsinki. Upseerikerho is an old officers’ club and the atmosphere of military staff members enjoying their leave lingers in the air. Stop for a drink or go all the way with an unforgettable dinner.

Bistro Svartholm, Loviisa

The beautiful coastal town of Loviisa is situated 80 kilometres east from Helsinki. When in Loviisa, do as the Loviisa people do. Enjoy a meal at a unique bistro located in a historic Sea Fortress Svartholm. Recommended especially for families.

Read more about Theron’s bistros at theronbistro.fi

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