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The Rockstop event and Toptaste Food Court will create a busy stopping place in the Ruissalo villa area for the Ruisrock period

The Food Court that has popped up around Finland, brings something completely new to Ruissalo at the Ruisrock weekend in Turku 5 to 7 July. The Rockstop 2019 festival will be held on the beach promenade in Ruissalo’s picturesque Villa Junnila. The magnificent surroundings of the villa are perfectly located midway between the center of Turku and Ruisrock.

”We are really excited to be able to be involved in the creation of something new and unprecedented. The area is almost like created for Toptaste Food Court,” says Titti Myhrberg, Toptaste’s Executive producer.

Rockstop 2019 is visible in the area and serving the guests for three days is designed to support a diverse Finnish summer culture in the beautiful coastal landscape of Turku. During the day, customers can relax and enjoy the food and drink on the beautiful garden terrace, accompanied by summer music.

”We received a great opportunity to organize the event in the Villa Junnila area and our team decided to go for it. There is a clear demand in the area for a half-way resting place that serves the festival people,”  Vilppu Simpanen, the executive producer said, glowing with pride.

At the same time, it is possible to get one’s hair into summer shape, when the year’s philanthropist Jouko The Street Barber offers guests a haircut or shave.

During the evenings, guests are entertained by resident Dj’s, Dj Guju aka Kaide and Dj Yuhis that have been influential in the nightlife of both Helsinki and Ibiza’s already since the 1990s. There is also a cozy lounge bar in the Villa Junnila area, whose elegant wine selection, despite its coolness, leaves no one cold.

Rockstop 2019 is open every day of the Ruisrock period from noon until 5 o’clock in the morning.  Admission to the area is free and as a cherry on top, there is also a luxury toilet in the area.

Street food know how from Thailand

Of course, Toptaste Food Court would not be what it is without a great menu. At Rockstop, guests can enjoy the authentic Asian street food. This is ensured by Ting Tong Street Food -company’s food stand with its menus. The founder of the company and chef Miska Martikainen has gained experience in Thailand where he has been working as a chef for 15 years.

Martikainen, the street food veteran who has established his career in the kitchen of the extravagant Café del Mar in Phuket, Thailand,  knows what he is talking about, both in terms of the menu as well as the the events going on in the summer.

“Especially in connection with festivals, real street food is rarely available in Finland. Me and my colleagues thought that Rockstop would be a great place to pilot our menu, the offer of which is expected to be further expanded after the event,” Martikainen says.

At Rockstop, trucks serve to the festival folks wok dishes (7 €), consisting of stewed rice and teriyaki vegetables. Delectable meals can be supplemented, if desired, with chicken or smoked soy chunks at an additional price of three euros.

The party folks are cooled by the ice coffee made of beans brought by Ting Tong Street Foods owners wifes family from Ethiopia, and roasted in Kaarina.

Rockstop 2019

Rockstop is organised in Villa junnila in Ruissalo at the shore promenadeduring Ruisrock 5th to 7th of July.


5.7. Friday Noon to Saturday 5am
6.7. Saturday noon to Sunday 5 am
7.7. Sunday noon to Monday 5 am
Villa Junnila is situated at Rantapromenadi 59, 20100 Turku. 

In co-operation with Premium Crew Oy, Tulos osuuskunta ja Toptaste Oy

Toptaste Food Court
Titti Myhrberg, Executive producer
Toptaste Oy
p. 040 218 4179

Vilppu Simpanen, Executive producer
Premium Crew Oy
p. 044 556 4532

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