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SOPPAKEITTIÖ wants to grow by expanding its ownership

Soup&More Oy Ab has acquired Tapaste Oy’s SOPPAKEITTIÖ (“Soup Kitchen”) business. We want to focus on strengthening the SOPPAKEITTIÖ brand and to expand its soup concept domestically and internationally. Soup&More Oy Ab is owned by Tatjana Aminoff, Saga Forss and Stefan Lindberg together with Kati Jaakola and Filip Stenius, the owners of Tapaste Oy.  

Soup&More plans to open new soup kitchens already in 2019 in several locations in Finland and abroad. 

“SOPPAKEITTÖ is an excellent example of Finnish entrepreneurship, courage and “sisu””, says Stefan Lindberg, one of the new owners. SOPPAKEITTIÖ’S delicious and fresh soups are loved by locals as well as tourists, especially Asians. 

The first SOPPAKEITTIÖ, was opened in 2003 by Kati Jaakola and Filip Stenius in Hakaniemen Halli. Today SOPPAKEITTIÖ is present in every market hall in Helsinki; Hakaniemen Halli, Vanha Kauppahalli and Hietaniemen Kauppahalli. In 2018 SOPPAKEITTIÖ was profitable with a revenue of approximately 1 M€. Currently SOPPAKEITTIÖ has 12 employees.

“Kati and I are very pleased to join in with Saga Forss, Tatjana Aminoff and Stefan Lindberg in the new company. They have exactly the expertise and knowledge that we need: The ability to scale a good concept and make it successful.A few examples of their previous experiences, where they have played an active role as owners include Leipomo Keisari (10 bakery shops) and Jungle Juice Bar (now over 50 Smoothie Bars in Finland and Sweden)”, says Filip Stenius. 

“Our employees are very professional and motivated, and this is a chance for us to offer them new challenges and opportunities. They will play an important role in the company’s future success”, says Kati Jaakola. 

One of the strengths of SOPPAKEITTIÖ’s concept is that it works well in different sized spaces and therefore, it’s suitable for both shopping center and ground floor locations.

SOPPAKEITTIÖ is a beloved concept that offers delicious, healthy and fresh soups for their customers. “We see huge potential in the soup concept and we are excited to have the chance to be part of it”, says Saga Forss. 

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