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Gamified group activities

The outdoor activity organizer Experience Croft (Elämystorppa in Finnish) has shaken the very concept of company retreats. The latest events marry light mobile with the great Finnish outdoors. Not that there’s anything wrong with paintball and bowling, but the new combination of nature, history and mobile apps is something no company should miss.

Take Forest Escape, for example. In the game’s world, a mysterious virus is spreading. In the face of this fictional yet intense pandemic, your group is the planet’s last hope. The organizer provides the team with a backpack, a phone and 66 minutes. Go!

While Forest Escape gets its special twist from the app, the real deal here is the Finnish nature. The forest challenge takes place in the beautiful Nuuksio National park within an easy reach from Helsinki.

Survive the sea fortress

For groups not longing for the wild outdoors, an exhilarating challenge with a more historic surroundings is always available. Right in front of the Helsinki Market Square lies Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. A ferry ride from the city to this Finnish Unesco World Heritage Site takes around 15 minutes.

Here, Suomenlinna Survivor awaits. The mystery amidst the sea breeze is sure to puzzle the brains of your team. Know your puzzles and a bit of Suomenlinna’s maritime history already? No reason to get cocky – the current survivor rate of the island stands at just 60 percent.

Both examples are just a few headliners from Experience Croft’s colorful portfolio. For specially big events, another Suomenlinna game can include up to 200 players.

Experience Croft also provides meals as well as meeting spaces for both locations. For Forest Escape, finishing the day with a well-earned coffee break by the campfire offers an excellent moment to revisit the trials.

While proud of their innovations, Experience Croft has got something for everyone. Those with a more traditional taste are sure to enjoy classic organized activities such as a calm canoeing trip, a brisk hike or a simply a relaxing sauna evening.

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