600 gr. Baltic Herring fillet

First Marinade

5 dl water

1 dl vinegar

1tsp salt

Second Marinade

2 dl orange juice
0,5 dl lemon juice
0,5 dl lime juice
0,5 dl.orange siryp
2 dl water
3 tsp cider vinegar,
2 tsp honey
1 tsp salt
1 chili pepper mild
300 gr pearl onions
2 orange
2 lime
2 white grape
1 sweet salad onion
1 dl fruity virgin olive oil
All fruits is a middle size


1.Wash in iced water fish fillet
2.Put fish in first marinade for 3/4 hours
2.Strain and put in second marinade for 24 hours
3.small pearl onions canned. Put in boiled water for 30 second before using
4.peel fruits & make small fillets - lime grape orange
5.put in the glass or porcelain bowl fish from the first marinade ply by ply fruits & fish
6.pour ower marinade 2 put in fridge for 24 hours