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Our restaurant name Lime Lounge origins from Mojito, which includes lime and fresh mint. We use lime in all our cocktails and also in cooking. At first we wanted to have just a cocktail bar, but then good food decided to come to us!

We urge you to try our Smoked duck pasta with chanterelles in a red wine sauce and Mango Cheesecake

Mo-Th 12-23

Fr-Sa 12-00

Hommiku 17

Pärnu 80010


Merike Kotsulim

“Everything has to be good on the plate”

Merike Kotsulim wants to offer everything everything starting from French classics to Japanese cuisine.

Which two ingredients would your chef take with him/her to a deserted island and why?

Salt and seeds to grow wheat. Salt is an important flavor enhancer in any dish and seeds because the product will help me to survive for many years, also wheat is an important source of carbohydrate.

Ravintolan kuvagalleria

Liity Toptaste Klubiin!

Hommiku 17

Pärnu 80010