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Uulits means street in estonian and russian (улица) and it describes best the healthy street gourmet: burgerwraps and vege-burgers and gourmet-burgers, we offer. All our beef burgers, wraps and fries are made in our restaurant from fresh local ingredients in a different, authentic and healthy way. Even fast food can be healthy – our street-gourmet restaurant offers unforgettable tastes! We do everything in our menu from locally grown fresh ingredients ourselves – beef burgers, wraps and french fries but also mayonnaises, sauces and ketchup.  

Restaurant recommends 

Blackcurrant marmalade burger and red onion jam burger are our customers’ favorites. Try also pulled duckleg burger and boeuf-burger a la tartare.


Mon–Sun 12–21



Kadaka uulits

Kadaka tee 135a tallinn


Soo uulits

Soo tänav 1b/6 10414 tallinn


Kadaka tee 135a, 12915 Tallinn, Estonia

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