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Describe your restaurant:
In 1736 Ungurmuiza builder, general lieutenant Baltazars fon Kampenhauzens married Helene Juliane, and with the arrival of the new mistress also housekeeping of the manor started to flourish! Everything what happened in the manor was elaborately listed. Family people – 29 persons, who shall be provided with food and clothes, are written in the register. Almost all family people received 2 bows of beer a day! Along with fruit trees, seasonings were richly grown and used. Laurel trees, lemon and orange trees grow in the stone pots. With the same carefulness the mistress brought books about flax stocks, sheep wool and bees. The following liqueurs – strawberry, raspberry, pomerance, caraway and orange are made, and vodka were distilled in the equipped distillery, which were sent to the seaside together with rye to change it for curing of Baltic herrings. Also crawfishes were not forgotten: ”One shall catch crawfishes: Dupu Peteris on Fridays, Ensu Mikelis in Mondays, Silenieku Martins on Wednesdays, Kudumsu Innkeeper on Sundays and Thursdays, Post innkeeper on Tuesdays and Fridays… Hunter had one shot-gun allocated by the housekeeping and he needed to provide 6 quarries a week…” Carps and perches were fished out of the pond. Everything what happened in the manor also was thoroughly listed and written. For example, during winter in Ungurmuiza were consumed 20 candles per day! The mistress also had her own lyrical side – she wrote poetry in her free time! The mistress thought and put down menus for weekdays and festive occasions, including even such dishes as rice in wine, bull’s legs, baked apples and milk cream. Knuckle of Veal Ragout in English style, roast, and almond cake…manor people enjoyed all these dishes and today we offer them to you!

What is your recommandation from the menu?
We recommend slow braised veal in red wine – inspired by the handwritings of Helene Juliane, served with cowberries, celery, carrots, and pearl barley and Home-made apple – rhubarb tart with own ice cream. These are meals inspired by owners of 18th century of the manor.

Who is your head chef and what is your restaurants philosophy?
The restaurant of the Ungurmuiža is open for those who love delicious meals from seasonal products and centuries old recipes. The cooks of the Ungurmuiža will be glad to hear your desires and will prepare meal for your celebrations in the restaurant, Manor House, Tea House, or park at any time convenient for you. Our chef Romāns Lapiņš got inspired by the first menu written at Ungurmuiza manor in 1740’s. He uses seasonal products, as much as possible from the local farmers and producers.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday 12 PM – 8 PM


Ungurmuiža, Raiskuma pagasts, LV-4146, Latvia



+371 22007332

”Ungurmuiža” Restaurant

Ungurmuiža, Raiskuma pagasts, LV-4146, Latvia

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