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The name of the restaurant – Tokumaru – essentially means ”the circle of good things”. In Japanese, toku means ”good trait” and maru means ”circle” or ”harmony”. The prerequisites of a good job are good staff and harmony. A good restaurant creates harmony between food, chefs, waitpersons and customers – this is our aim.

The little Japanese grocery MoMo has been open for nearly four years in Kadriorg Tallinn. It is a highly esteemed among connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine not only for its wide range of products but also for the invaluable gastronomic advice that one can receive. During lunchtime you may enjoy genuine Japanese dishes on the spot or as takeaway. MoMo has spread from Kadriorg to the city center as we opened the ramen and sushi restaurant Tokumaru in August 2014. Tokumaru is the first restaurant in Estonia which offers genuine Sapporo style ramen.

Tokumaru offers widely known sushi as well as other exciting Japanese dishes. Our great gastronomic masterpiece is ramen – a popular Japanese noodle soup. We prepare our noodles fresh, just as we cook the broth, following the traditional family recipes of the Tokumaru’s Japanese chef Daigo Takagi.


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Solaris Shopping Center, Estonia pst 9, Tallinn


Estonia puiestee 9, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia

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