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The house comes with a history that dates back to 1881. Started with a cocktail and restaurant venue Manna la Roosa downstairs and swarmed upstairs. The name is a wordplay. Tai as Thailand in Estonian and Tai Boh means For God’s Sake! in Russian. We are the most excuisite new Asian fusion restaurant with crazy interior and cuisine.

The luminance and flow of the venue creates a prefect atmosphere to enjoy all the specialties bursting out from the depths of our kitchen. That department is managed by authentic Thai Chef Khampan who really knows where his knives lay at. The guy is sharp in cuttings and layings and makes your tastebuds go crazy! Tai Boh is really a place to check out since our wicked mix would give satisfaction even to Mick Jagger, who has a hard time getting one. We are most gladly expecting you to let yourself to be treated here.

Recipe for home chefs

Add Chili to anything, just anything!

 ”Tai Bohis too crazy for some people to handle. Especially the 36m2
ceiling photo-painting. The designer…we´re not sure what he smokes, but he has played with icons of the world and people quite boldly..”


Mon–Thu 17–23
Fri–Sat 17–01
Sun 14–23


Mere puiestee 1, Tallinn


Tai Boh

Mere puiestee 1, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

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