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Our idea was to create something unique in Tallinn for Italian food lovers. Restaurant name originates from an Italian ingredient Rucola.

As characteristic of the classical Italian food culture, we prepare our dishes of the best fresh ingredients, allowing pure and simple tastes complement each other and stand out.

Our menu includes traditional soups, appetizers, meat dishes and pastas as well as fresh Italian ice cream, et cetera’s delicious cake slices and high-quality wines from every corner of Italy.
Rucola’s pizzas are prepared in an authentic wood-fired Italian pizza oven and other dishes in our kitchen which opens to the dining hall.

House recommendation: Try our Spaghetti alla Marina! 


Mon–Fri 11–22 (kitchen 21.30)
Sat–Sun 10–22 (kitchen 21.30)


Ehitajate 114a, Tallinn


Ehitajate tee 114a, 12915 Tallinn, Estonia

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