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In the spring of 2011 the world of food welcomed a new cosy, biological, rustic and quality-orientated restaurant. Technologically innovative OKO Resto offers familiar flavours and tries to surprise the customer, showing that a good eating place can exist regardless of the location. The OKO restaurant that is very close to countryside household in its interior offers its customers a very varied menu, based on using high-quality, clean and natural products purchased from locals. 

OKO Resto is perhaps best described by the words of one of our demanding customers:

“You have absolutely everything here, you’re missing just one thing – there’s no stress here…”


Su–to 12–21
Pe–la 12–22


2. kerros

Pe alkaen 17

La–su alkaen 12


Keskitee 27, Viimsi


Kesk tee 27, Haabneeme, 74001 Harju maakond, Viro

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