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When the initial efforts, worries and sleepless nights of establishing restaurant Moon slowly subsided, Jana and Roman Zascherinsky, toghether with Igor Andrejev decided to open another restaurant. Every artist needs change and pushing the boundaries and Kolm Sibulat (three onions) offers them this opportunity.

The fun name also has its own story. As you know Russians are affectionately referred to as “onions”. In winter Estonians eat the onions grown by Russians living in the shores of Lake Peipus and praises them to the limits – they are worth their weight of gold. The three “onions” run the restaurant and that´s where the name came from.

The cooking style of Three Onions falls somewhere between fast food and slow food. Both Igor and Roman have a serious background in fine dining. For them this is a new fascinating field of cooking. Here the chefs are totally free to experiment and interprete ethnical traditions in their own way. Mediterranean flavours go hand-in-hand with Asian style noodle dishes, aioli, kimchi and wakame. We set no restrictions for ourselves but allow our fantasy and different techniques free-play using a range of ingredients. 

You can sample Georgian bread accompanied by kimchi, which is a staple of Korean cooking. It is really hard to determine our style, we sometimes laugh and call it fusion-confusion.


Tue–sat 12–23
Sun–mon closed


Telliskivi 2, Tallinn 10611

Kolm Sibulat

Telliskivi 2, 10611 Tallinn, Estonia

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