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 Vladislav Korzhets is a renowned Estonian humorist and TV host whose passion is fishing and seafood. When the Korzhets family opened a cosy fish restaurant in Hirvepark, they did not even have to advertise as Vladislav´s name was famous enough. In fact, it is Vladislav´s son Kaarel Korzhets, whos is busy in the kitchen, having learned everything about fish from his father and is now starting to step out of his father´s shadow.

“What do you need? Longevity, nothing more”

Kalambuur menu is short, the dishes simple and the owners passionate about their work.
Clams or Baltic herring, caviar or pike perch, sturgeon or whitefish – first and foremost. The menu also includes some fish-free meals. 


Fri–sat 17–22


Toompuiestee 8, Tallinn


Toompuiestee 8, 10136 Tallinn, Estonia

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