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HOZE – story by José Cerdá:

I’ve always wanted a restaurant, might be in my blood. My grandfather and father had a restaurant in the late 60s and I wanted to keep that going. The idea for the restaurant came to be after an intensive 3 year journey through a classic Japanese kitchen where I met my master who taught me all the philosophy behind Japanese cuisine and sushi. I came back home and noticed that there wasn’t any good spots for sushi, so I took it in my own hands to create something special to upscale the sushi market. The name is derived from my own name José, but in katakana. HO-ZE. In Kanji it gives out the meaning of protecting tradition of sorts and that is kind of what I do, and that is also my philosophy. I describe HOZE with a word Omakase. I pioneered the phrase when no-one was using it. It means to entrust. At HOZE you entrust yourself to the chef completely.  

We always strive to be a little bit better everyday, to always try to improve. At our restaurant we don’t serve wine or alcohol, we serve cold brewed teas from Kyoto. It’s like don’t drink and drive. You sit 2,5 hours and get around 20 dishes, after about 8 dishes you will start to loose focus, and the main thing at our restaurant is the food. Our kitchen represents heritage, nostalgia and experiences. We serve a Japanese based cuisine with influences from Spain and use mostly ingredients from Scandinavia.  

House specialty

We currently work with two people, a tea master and a coffee roaster. They are both passionate about what they do and that is the most important thing. They both have eaten at the restaurant to get a feeling of what the guest might want from the beverage experience point of view. We love to surround us with people that are truly in love with their work, the appreciation there is priceless.


Ke–la 19


Stigbergsliden 17, 414 63, Göteborg Sweden


Stigbergsliden 17, 414 63 Göteborg, Sweden

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