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There has been a dining establishment in this very place since 1937 and the first of its kind was called Dancing Paris. New night local ”Dancing Paris” was opened on 7 July 1936 and was considered one of the prestigious & smartest in Tallinn. 

Entering through Gloria´s doors and going up the carpeted staircase to the first floor, you feel like stepping back in time to a restaurant with Langebraun porcelain and Lorup glass in the display cases. 

Exuberant table settings, chalk-white tablecloths and velvety soft seats let you forget the fuss and rush of modern life. The carpet mutes your footsteps and sounds and you can almost hear what stories the house is telling us. Until now, a restaurant, Gloria has maintained an elite restaurants reputation is safe and secure place for top entertainment, business and family gatherings. Gloria has serve lunch and dinners for Kekkonen, Prince Charles, Pope Johannes Paulus II, Mike Jagger, Joe Cocker, David Copperfield and many other VIP persons.


Mon–sat 17.30–23.30
Sun closed


Müürivahe 2, Tallinn, Estonia


Müürivahe 2, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia

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