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Have you tasted the new it-burgers with bear meat or crickets?

If you want to taste trendy burger specialties, you should jump to the airport train and head to the Deluxe Burger & Pizza at Myyrmäki shopping center. – We have an exceptional concept because we are in fact an Italian restaurant featuring premium burgers, high quality Italian pizzas, appetizers and desserts on the menu. Our wine list includes top Italian wines, says restaurateur Tony Brander.

The restaurant, run by Brander and Mikko Vettenranta, has quickly risen to the awareness of the people around metropolitan area. Especially the Bear Burger has attracted people from near and far. It drove Brander even to the semifinals of the national Burger Battle.

Finnish flavors between a black roll

Bear Burger represents locality at its best. – The brioche roll is dyed black with the octopus ink and baked by a local bakery Rönttösrouva without any additives. In addition to the bear and Black Angus steak, the taste comes from Monterey Jack cheese, grilled red onion, self-made bacon jam and smoked paprika. The Finnish forest berries lichens bring acid to the harmonious entity.

Another specialty is the Bug Burger, where a pile of roasted crickets are set under the Black Angus steak. – Crickets may look wild but they taste like popcorn.

Pizzas and burgers from the best ingredients

On the burger list, Brander and Vettenranta want to offer the most tasty, additive-free burgers with domestic, quality ingredients. The pizzas are not made with the left hand either, as they aim for the authentic Italian pizza. 

– That’s why our restaurant is called Deluxe Burger & Pizza!

Deluxe Burger & Pizza | Shopping center Myyrmanni, 2. floor


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